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EXISTING BUILDING COMMISSIONING (RETRO-COMMISSONING)is a quality focused process for attaining the Current Facility Requirements (CFR) of an existing facility, its systems, sub-systems, components and assemblies never commissioned before. This process focuses on planning, investigating, implementing, verifying, and documenting that the facility and/or its systems and assemblies are operated and maintained to meet the CFR, with a program to maintain the enhancements for the remaining life of the facility. It improves function and operation of systems, identifies and resolves problems with the original design or construction and addresses issues that have developed over the life of the building. It involves a series of systematic phases: Pre-site investigation phase, Site investigation phase, Analysis phase, Corrective action phase and follow-up/warranty phase. The magnitude of energy savings identified during the retro-commissioning process is dependent upon the complexity and size of building systems, hours of operation, year of construction, building system control strategies and the types of deficiencies encountered.

SUSTAINOVATIVE assures quality in its retro-commissioning services by conforming to various recognized industry standards and guidelines:

  1. 2009 – 1st Edition, Procedural Standards for Retro-Commissioning of Existing Buildings.
  2. ANSI/ASHRAE/IES. Standard 202-2013, Commissioning Process for Buildings and Systems.
  3. Guideline 1.1-2007, HVAC&R Technical Requirements for the Commissioning Process.

Pre-Site Investigation Phase: SUSTAINOVATIVE experienced Existing Building Commissioning (EB-Cx) team directs the kick-off meeting providing an overview of EB-Cx strategy, scope of work, project schedule and the process involved. Defining key tasks and responsibilities of each stake-holder and/or entity involved serve has always proved itself as a valuable step for a successful and timely completion of any project. We complete a thorough review of the available design drawings and documents, conduct utility billing analysis and review maintenance management log sheets and records. At the end of this phase, we interview facility staff to understand facility special protocols and sequence of operations and to document common maintenance issues and frequent systems problems.

Site Investigation Phase: SUSTAINOVATIVE certified EB-Cx agents conduct multiple site visits to develop and document Retro-Commissioning Plan, Current Facility Requirements (CFR) and generate Issue Logs through interviews with facility occupants, measurements, spot checking, data logging and general observations. Our intense site investigations includes load study, deferred maintenance issues, airflow rates, temperature, humidity, pressure set points and setbacks, infiltration, thermographic analysis, calibration checks and documentation on sequence of operations of representative sample of spaces as defined under the scope of work and contract documents. It shall be noted that all Pre-Functional Testing (PFT) and Functional Performance Testing (FPT) is observed and witnessed by SUSTAINOVATIVE but performed by building staff and/or maintenance contractor. However, in certain instances where the systems involved are not complex SUSTAINOVATIVE carry full capabilities to conduct PFT and FPT.

Analysis Phase:SUSTAINOVATIVE team analyze collected data and information obtained during site investigation phase, identifying all problems and issues and recommending solutions to all identified deficiencies. We produce report, addressed to the owner, that includes a budgetary cost estimate, projected savings and non- energy related benefits associated with the recommended correction of each deficiency.

Corrective Action and Hands-off Phase:During this phase, corrective measures identified under investigation phase and approved by the owner are executed. SUSTANOVATIVE, acting as an owner advocate,conducts Field Inspection Verification (FIV) to ensure implementation is occurring in accordance with the developed plan, specifications and standard construction practices. Contractor’s project schedule is tracked and issues logs are updated throughout the process. Final existing building commissioning report is submitted to the owner including training and documentation component incorporated into it.

Follow-up Phase: SUSTAINOVATIVEconducts a site visit after one year of operation to verify if facility systems are operating and performing at optimized levels.


  1. Identifying low cost energy savings opportunities
  2. Correcting identified deficiencies and reduce cost of building operations
  3. Ensuring building systems operate as per current facility requirements
  4. Optimizing performance of existing systems, enhancing life of equipment and reducing pre-mature failures
  5. Reducing operation and maintenance costs associated with reactive repair calls
  6. On-site training of facility maintenance staff while updating systems manuals, log books and O&M protocols
  7. Analyze and address potential indoor environmental quality issues and improving comfort

Engineering Solutions

  1. HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) Design
  2. Load Calculations & Specification Writing
  3. Heating & DHW System Upgrades
  4. Oil to Gas Conversions
  5. Feasibility Studies & Peer Reviews for Plans and Designs
  6. Value Engineering for First Cost and Operating Cost Reductions
  7. Energy Conservation Code Compliance
  8. Tenant Fit-Out Projects
  9. CAD Layout & Drafting

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  1. Commissioning New Construction (System Specific & Whole Building)
  2. Commissioning Existing Buildings and Systems / Retro-Commissioning / Re-Tuning
  3. USGBC LEED Certification (New Construction & Existing)
  4. Energy Management Plans Design
  5. Energy Assessment (Targeted Audit & ASHRAE Level I, II & III)
  6. Energy Modeling (Bin Weather Method &EQuest Whole Building Hourly Simulation)
  7. Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA)
  8. Systems Testing & Troubleshooting
  9. Building Maintenance Staff Training

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