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Energy Assessments

ENERGY ASSESSMENT/AUDIT is a systematic process to conduct operational and conditional valuations of building systems and sub-systems. It is a powerful tool for uncovering opportunities associated with operational and equipment improvements that conserves/saves energy, reduce energy costs, and lead to higher performance, without compromising safety and comfort. Energy assessment studies may be conducted as a stand-alone effort or across an owner’s entire portfolio.

SUSTAINOVATIVE energy audit team is experienced to conduct energy assessments from a simple walk-through audit to complex investment grade audit and assures quality in its protocols by conforming to various recognized industry standards and guidelines:

  1. ASHRAE Guideline, Procedures for Commercial Building Energy Audits, 2nd Edition.
  2. ASHRAE Standard100-2015, Energy Efficiency in Existing Buildings (ANSI Approved/IES Co-sponsored).

Preliminary Investigation Phase:Our trained energy auditors conduct a thorough pre-audit analysis by analyzing available historical and current utility data, drawings, documentation, log books, and specifications. At the same time, off-site interviews with facility management staff are conducted to gain understanding of diurnal operational procedures and common issues. Based on the pre-audit analysis and benchmarking of building with other similar buildings, we schedule a kick-off meeting with various stakeholders to identify what level of audit is ideal for the project in-hand because the level of effort vary from simple walk-through ASHRAE level I to complex ASHRAE level III energy audit. We lead the audit process but works closely with building owners, staff and other key participants throughout to ensure accuracy of data collection and appropriateness of energy efficiency recommendation.

Site Assessment Phase:During this phase a comprehensive site visit is scheduled and conducted to capture key building operations parameters through measurements, data-logging, spot testing, visual observations and interviews with building operating staff. Qualitative and quantitative data collected through various site visits is further analyzed to generate a master list of energy efficiency and energy conservation measures.

Energy and Cost Analysis Phase:Energy savings are calculated using either steady state calculation, weather-bin spreadsheet analysis and/or utilizing energy modeling (whole building hourly simulation) depending upon the level of energy audit. Based on the financial analysis involving capital cost and energy cost savings, measures recommended are separated from measures evaluated but not recommended. At the same time, list ofhealth and safety measures and operations and maintenance (O&M) measures are assembled.

Generating Energy Audit Report:During this phase, a meeting is arranged with the client and all recommended measures are discussed, evaluated and filtered. A comprehensive final energy audit report is generated and handed over to the client, assisting the client for the next steps involved.

Engineering Solutions

  1. HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) Design
  2. Load Calculations & Specification Writing
  3. Heating & DHW System Upgrades
  4. Oil to Gas Conversions
  5. Feasibility Studies & Peer Reviews for Plans and Designs
  6. Value Engineering for First Cost and Operating Cost Reductions
  7. Energy Conservation Code Compliance
  8. Tenant Fit-Out Projects
  9. CAD Layout & Drafting

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  1. Commissioning New Construction (System Specific & Whole Building)
  2. Commissioning Existing Buildings and Systems / Retro-Commissioning / Re-Tuning
  3. USGBC LEED Certification (New Construction & Existing)
  4. Energy Management Plans Design
  5. Energy Assessment (Targeted Audit & ASHRAE Level I, II & III)
  6. Energy Modeling (Bin Weather Method &EQuest Whole Building Hourly Simulation)
  7. Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA)
  8. Systems Testing & Troubleshooting
  9. Building Maintenance Staff Training

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